Alternative Fuel Vehicle Repair in Santa Clarita

The Specialized Knowledge & Experience to Keep You Moving

If you are in charge of a CNG or propane powered truck, chances are it is used as a city shuttle or bus, or a government owned fleet truck. That means that you can’t afford for the truck to be out of commission for long but the maintenance and repair of natural gas trucks take a specialized knowledge which is why you can’t just trust your repairs to anyone.

Alternative fuel vehicles aren’t commonly used in the United States, and it can be difficult finding a repair shop that understands how to service them. Luckily, we have the knowledge to keep your trucks and buses running smoothly. What’s more, we have the equipment necessary to service these unique vehicles.

Here is some of the special equipment we use in our 6,000 square foot facility:

  • Lifts: It doesn’t matter how large your vehicle is, our lifts are designed to accommodate even the biggest vehicles and buses.
  • Tire equipment: Some shops are limited in the services they offer because their tire equipment can’t handle large tires. You’ll never have that problem with us.
  • The latest diagnostic technology: Even for natural gas vehicles, our state of the art diagnostic equipment will quickly pinpoint the problem area with your vehicle.

We Are Here to Fix Your Problem

At DEI Truck & Fleet, our Santa Clarita truck repair specialists skillfully resolve any issues associated with your alternative fuel vehicles. It takes specialized knowledge to work on these buses and trucks, and our experts are truly professionals.

Just call (661) 426-2262 to schedule service for your alternative fuel vehicle.