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Keep Your Tires Performing At Their Best

Did you know that if your tires are misaligned, it could cost you in fuel efficiency and wear out the tread faster than normal? That can add up to big expenses if you manage a fleet of trucks, or even if you just rely on your diesel pickup truck to get you to and from work. At DEI Truck & Fleet, we offer tire repairs, maintenance, and sales so you can rest assured that your tires will always perform exactly as they’re designed to.

Contact DEI Truck & Fleet today at (661) 426-2262 to schedule an appointment for Santa Clarita tire repair.

Comprehensive Tire Services We Offer

Our Santa Clarita tire repair specialists are able to handle tires of any size. In fact, our state of the art equipment is designed to handle the largest of tires, including those used on heavy truck, so you’ll never have to worry about us not having the equipment to handle your tire needs.

Some Of Our Tire Services Include:

  • Alignment
  • Retread
  • Patch and repair
  • Replacement
  • Air pressure
  • Tire mounting and balancing
  • Wheel torque

Don’t Let Faulty Tires Ruin Your Fleet

Left unchecked, a faulty tire can cause serious accidents at the worst, and ineffective gas mileage and accelerated tread wear at the least. There’s no reason to ignore the signs of a faulty tire on your truck. If you are unsure, just bring in your truck to DEI Truck & Fleet and our Santa Clarita truck repair specialists will check your tires for you.

Signs of Your Tires Need Repair / Replacement:

  • Low Tire Tread – Tire tread is incredibly important when it comes to the safety of your truck. The little grooves help provide traction for your vehicle and prevents unnecessary slipping and sliding. If you have low tire tread, often from wear, it’s important to get the tires replaced.
  • Tire Warning Light – Of course, if you see the tire warning light, it means something is wrong with your tire. Usually when this light turns on, it means you have low tire pressure. While most vehicles are fixed with adding more air, some cases prove more complicated. Low tire pressure can indicate larger issues.
  • Cracked Tires – Cracks in tires are definitely a sign that your tire needs repair or replacement. Cracks in tires can indicate tire leaks or signal a future blowout. These should be checked immediately to prevent serious accidents or other dangers.
  • Tire Vibration – Cars naturally vibrate when they are in motion. If your car is vibrating more than usual or it just feels “off,” it’s time to get your vehicle professionally checked. Tire vibrations can mean problems with your alignment, damaged suspension, and more.

Should I Repair or Replace My Tires?

Not all mishaps to tires can be repaired. Whether or not you can repair your tire depends on the type of tire and what exactly happened to the tire. Read below to find out if your tire can be fixed or needs to be replaced.

  • A sidewall puncture needs to be replaced – Even if we can patch it up, the patch will come loose after enough time. Weaknesses in the sidewall will face incredible amounts of pressure so this tire needs to be replaced.
  • A shoulder puncture needs to be replaced – The shoulder of the tire connects the side of the tire with the flat portion, and punctures here face the most pressure, so any patch or plug will come undone under the extreme forces of the road.
  • A tire that has been driven on while flat or low air pressure will likely need to be replaced – If you've driven on your questionable tire at all, then it's very unlikely that you'll be able to get it fixed. Still, try visiting our Santa Clarita tire repair specialists, but the chances are you've caused damage beyond repair.
  • A puncture on the flat part of the tire that's less than 1/4" in diameter can usually be repaired These punctures can be fixed so long as they're not within 2 inches of the shoulder.

Let Us Get You Back On The Road With Our Santa Clarita Tire Repair

Our Santa Clarita truck repair and heavy tire experts are here to help. Whether you have a flat, need to check the specifications or want to set up a tire maintenance schedule, we’ll help you get started. DEI Truck & Fleet will ensure that you stay on the road.

Call us at (661) 426-2262 to make sure your heavy truck tires are performing at their best. Schedule your Santa Clarita tire repair appointment today.

Customer Testimonials

    We would not hesitate to recommend DEI Truck & Fleet for all fleet equipment needs.

    “DEI Truck & Fleet is a skilled, efficient and well run fleet repair and maintenance facility. As commercial Beekeepers and Honey Packers, on-highway as well as off-highway equipment service and ...”

    - Al Fortune - Bennett's Honey Farm/Chip's Bees
    Great work and quick service!

    “Great work and quick service! As the fleet manager for Cleansweep environmental I would like to say that Randy and his team always go out of their way to get our trucks back up and running as quick as ...”

    - Isaac Romero


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