Heavy Truck Tire Repair in Santa Clarita

Keep Your Tires Performing at Their Best

Did you know that if your tires are misaligned, it could cost you in fuel efficiency and wear out the tread faster than normal? That can add up to big expenses if you manage a fleet of trucks, or even if you just rely on your diesel pickup truck to get you to and from work. At DEI Truck & Fleet, we offer tire maintenance, repairs, and sales so you can rest assured that your tires will always perform exactly as they’re designed to.

  • Some of our tire services include:
  • Alignment
  • Retread
  • Patch and repair
  • Replacement
  • Air pressure
  • Tire mounting and balancing
  • Wheel torque

Our Santa Clarita tire specialists are able to handle tires of any size. In fact, our state of the art equipment is designed to handle the largest of tires, including those used on heavy truck, so you’ll never have to worry about us not having the equipment to handle your tire needs.

Don’t Let Faulty Tires Ruin Your Fleet

Left unchecked, a faulty tire can cause serious accidents at the worst, and ineffective gas mileage and accelerated tread wear at the least. There’s no reason to ignore the signs of a faulty tire on your truck. If you are unsure, just bring in your truck to DEI Truck & Fleet and our Santa Clarita truck repair specialists will check your tires for you.

Let Us Get You Back on the Road

Our Santa Clarita truck repair and heavy tire experts are here to help. Whether you have a flat, need to check the specifications or want to set up a tire maintenance schedule, we’ll help you get started. DEI Truck & Fleet will ensure that you stay on the road.

Call us at (661) 426-2262 to make sure your heavy truck tires are performing at their best. Schedule your appointment today.