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The suspension and steering in your truck are what enables you to stay in control of your vehicle as you travel down the highways. When one of those parts are damaged, it puts your ability to control your truck in jeopardy. For instance, faulty steering will cause the steering wheel to shake and a bad suspension will cause the truck to bounce.

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4 Signs You Need Suspension Repair

1. Drifting during turns - When your shocks aren't keeping the truck stable with a centrifugal force that comes from turning, your chances or rolling over are increased. If you're feeling the truck pull from you or drift away during a turn then consult our Santa Clarita suspension repair experts.

2. The front goes down when you stop - Not only can this increase your stop time but your truck could be lurching forward when you apply the breaks too which can lead to all sorts of problems.

3. Tire treads that are uneven - In theory, your tires should wear at the same rate as they are all moving the same distance. But if you notice that one side's tires are wearing faster than the other then consult our suspension repair professionals.

4. Your truck ride isn't as smooth as it once was - Yes a pothole can be felt by trucks in good shape, but if you're feeling every single nook and cranny in the road then it's likely that your shocks and struts are going kaput.

Why You Should Choose Our Team For Your Suspension Repair Needs

Whether you’re on the road for pleasure or work, you need a truck that will drive smoothly and reliably. That is where our Santa Clarita truck repair experts can help.

Our Santa Clarita Suspension Repair Services Include:

  • State of the art diagnostics: We don’t guess when we’re analyzing your truck. Instead, we use the most up-to-date diagnostic equipment to determine exactly what’s wrong. We keep our diagnostic scanners and software updated so you’ll always get the most reliable information.
  • Parts: Because we’re a contracted parts supplier with Bosch and Alliant Power, we have direct access to parts from several major brands at a lower cost than our competitors. We can also get them quicker, meaning your truck will spend less time with us and more time on the road.
  • Equipment: We not only have a 6,000 square foot bay area that enables us to work on multiple trucks at once, but we also have the equipment needed to handle every type of vehicle. For example, our lifts and tire equipment can handle the largest of trucks, buses, and RVs.

Santa Clarita Truck Repair & Suspension Experts

If you have suspension problems, you’ll want to get it repaired as soon as possible so you can begin enjoying your ride again. Don’t trust your truck to just anyone. Instead, make an appointment with DEI Truck & Fleet today and feel good about doing business with our suspension repair experts.

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